Zebra Skin Rugs

Zebra Skin Rugs for Exotic Decor

Zebra skin rugs are perfect for safari-themed homes. Likewise, zebra area rugs are a wonderful way to add an exotic accent to just about any room. Unlike bear rugs, zebra rugs do not keep the head and claws of the animal intact. The mane, however, is typically included in high-grade zebra rugs.

Zebra rugs are made in Africa. A certain number of zebra are culled every year. Americans can either buy rugs online from African dealers or find American importers who are licensed to bring in zebra rugs.

Rugs made of zebra skin are less durable than sheepskin rugs and bear rugs. These rugs should not be subjected to heavy traffic and are not machine washable. The rugs are available in shades from very white to dark chocolate. This makes it easier to coordinate the rug with your particular design scheme.

More exotic and fragile than bear or sheepskin, zebra skin is sold in different grades. The highest grade skin rugs are not marked or blemished and are much more expensive. Less expensive rugs are made of skin that is marked by battle scars from lion attacks, cactus thorns, or otherwise mended or blemished. While these lower grade skin rugs are not as valuable, many find marked skin rugs more interesting. Battle wounded hides make more natural and realistic rugs.

If you are an animal lover with an exotic decor but a natural hide makes you squeamish, there are many faux zebra rugs available. The advantages for faux skin rugs - zebra, bear, sheepskin, or alpaca - are many. These rugs are much more durable, require less care, and can withstand much heavier traffic.

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