Wildlife Area Rug

A Wildlife Area Rug Adds Outdoorsy Charm

A wildlife area rug was once only used in African safari designs or rustic cabins. These days, they are much more versatile. Bear rugs, zebra skin rugs, sheepskin rugs, and leopard area rugs add a wild touch to country homes, contemporary homes, and even very modern designer apartments.

If your goal is to add warmth to a room that seems sparse, sheepskin is a great choice. It adds such a thick, cozy texture to any room. For fancier homes, a thick Flokati rug is a better choice. It is much thicker, shaggier wool. It is more expensive and requires a bit more care, but it is also exquisitely soft and warm.

In very modern homes, animal rugs bring a touch of the wild outdoors. A cowhide rug retains the clean lines of a modern home while bringing in a unique design and texture. Cowhide is an obvious animal element that preserves the elegance of a contemporary home.

An alternative to sheepskin is a spaghetti leather rug. This is a hooked rug that uses pieces of leather to create a shag carpet. Longer and cut loops create a wilder look, while shorter, uncut loops provide a dense plush look and feel to the rug. This type of rug is becoming very popular in contemporary homes.

Whichever wildlife rug you consider, be sure that the rug is well made. A faux animal skin rug is often available at a lower cost, but the rug will not last as long. As versatile as animal designs are, it's worthwhile to make a one-time investment in an authentic, quality wildlife rug that can stay with you for a lifetime.

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