Washable Rugs

Washable Rugs - A Dream Come True!

In the past, the only washable rugs were small kitchen rugs. Washable area rugs were only a dream for anyone who had to spot clean after a dinner party.

These days, more rugs than ever are washable. Many cotton blended runners and rugs are easily tossed into the washer. People love chenille rugs for their softness and beauty and is now very washable. If you are artsy, you can even make your own floorcloths with paint or markers. There are special paint or spray-on clear coat coverings for these unique rugs designed to be easily mopped or washed in a shower.

Everyone with small children and pets can appreciate a washable rug. On wet days, you can actually use your rug to wipe your feet. You donŐt have to chase down your pets to wipe their paws before they come into the house. You can even let the kids help cook in the kitchen without worrying about spills and messes getting on the rug.

While most rugs should dry flat, some rugs can even be put in the dryer on a very low setting. You can even find rugs made with wool specially designed to be machine-washed.

With a gentle detergent such as Woolite, rugs small enough to fit in a washing machine can be washed on a gentile cycle. Larger rugs or hand washable rugs can be washed with a gentle detergent in a bathtub and hung on a shower curtain to dry.

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