Tommy Bahamas Area Rug

Get a Tommy Bahamas Area Rug for a Little Bit of the Island in Your Living Room

Where can you get a Tommy Bahamas Area Rug? Do they even exist or are they just an island mirage? Tommy Bahamas Area Rugs do exist and they're easy to find if you know where to look for them. For starters, don't look for them on the web. Well, at least don't look for pictures of the rugs on the web.

Tommy Bahama was founded by three men in 1992. There is no one "Tommy Bahama," the moniker was meant to help inspire the men's sportwear line. Tommy Bahama would be an affluent but likeable person who could spend his days on the beach; he didn't have to go back to work. Tommy Bahama ventured into the rug business in 2001 by partnering with Shaw Rugs (the same people that the Kathy Ireland's rugs).

Tommy Bahama rugs are made mostly in wool and nylon but there are a few in polypropylene. You'll find them space-dyed for that antique look. Shaw produces 17 lines of Tommy Bahama's rugs. Each line comes in six sizes: the petit (2' x 3'), a runner, small, medium (5'5" x 8'), large, and extra-large (10 x 13) and ranging in price form $600 to $1,000 for the medium-sized rugs.

The Tommy Bahama line was the first set of rugs that Shaw has ever imported before. That's because some of the rugs used natural materials like coir or seagrass for which Shaw didn't have in the US. Besides the natural rugs, the Tommy Bahama collections include tropical rugs that fit in well with the Tommy Bahama Caribbean look.

You can find online sites that sell Tommy Bahama Rugs but they aren't allowed to post pictures of the Tommy Bahama rugs. You'll need to call them to have them send you a catalog.

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