Tiger Rug

A Tiger Rug Adds Drama to a Room

Have you considered the impact that a tiger rug could make on a room? Certainly more striking than a sheepskin but less rustic than a bear skin, the tiger print rug can really add an "exclamation mark" to a room. I say tiger print rug to differentiate from rugs made out of actual tiger skins which are illegal to traffic or own due to international laws protecting tigers from rugs that are only made to look like tiger skins.

Tiger rugs of Tibet are another popular type of rug that uses tigers as a motif. They are more stylized (even geometrical) and do not fit into the faux tiger rug grouping. Fewer than 200 original rugs exist so be careful if you're buying one that has been conveyed as antique. There is actually a book by Mimi Lipton on The Tiger Rugs of Tibet but my understanding it that it's no longer in print.

You'll find different styles of tiger print rugs. Some use the tiger stripes as a motif in a formal area rug that might even have a border. You'll find this in many tropical style rugs, too, that will have a border with flowers or vines or even another type of animal skin motif on the outside. Other rugs will use tiger stripes to look just like a tiger pelt. These rugs might even be cut to stylistically resemble a tiger pelt. Even more realistic are the cowhide rugs which have been silk screened to look just like a tiger skin rug. For children's rooms, you can find scatter rugs that have tiger faces on them! Meow!

Other animal print rugs such as zebra skin, cheetah print, and leopard print rugs are very popular additions to the house when you're looking for a touch of the exotic.

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Janine Jones is a freelance writer based in Northern Virginia (she likes to call it NoVa). New to the freelance world, Janine used to work as an analyst / programmer for a beltway bandit before deciding to mix being a stay-at-home-mom with a writing career. These days, Janine tries to get a little work done when her two kids (ages 3 and 15 months) are otherwise occupied. Janine is hooked on area rugs of all kinds.

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