Throw Rug

A Throw Rug for the Finishing Touch

While area rugs are usually stage setting floor rugs central to a room's design, throw rugs are smaller, usually subtler in design, and generally machine washable. Throw rugs can have fringe or finished ends. If you plan on washing the rug often, stay away from fringe as it can make the rugs look ratty and even spread the rug apart over time.

Often used as accent rugs in a doorway, hallway, or room entrance, throw rugs are usually no larger than three feet by five feet.

If your throw rugs are to be used on tile or hardwood floors, be sure they have non-skid backing or a carpet pad underneath. Throw rugs on carpet are controversial. While they are often used on carpet to accent a room and protect carpet, they are potentially dangerous. Any rug placed on carpeting can cause a person to trip and fall. Be very careful about placing any rug on top of a carpet, especially if you have children.

No matter what your design scheme, solid colored throw rugs in an entry way can be the perfect accent to any room. Because they are washable, they are perfect to be used inside of front doors, back doors, and mudrooms.

Throw rugs mean less mopping, less tracked in mud and dirt, and less chance of slipping on hard floors. They also add that finished touch to complete the look of any room.

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