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Tabriz is the capital of East Azerbaijan, a province in northwest Iran. The city has a population of over a million people, and is known worldwide for the quality of the fine rugs made there.

Rugs from this region are famous for being the highest quality area rugs available. While many Persian rugs and Oriental rugs from surrounding areas can be cheaply made, the vast majority of rugs made in this region are crafted by the very best and most skilled rug makers.

The quality of wool used to make these rugs is usually the best wool that can be found. Because the wool used is of such high quality, the rugs are durable and stain-resistant. Silk is often added to the rugs for beauty and strength. Colors used in the rugs are often muted, rich colors.

The rugs are usually of a garden theme with designs often containing a central medallion. The rug area around the medallion is floral or vines and the overall rug design appears similar to lace. The border of the rug contains flowers, swords, verse, or fruit.

The rugs are woven tightly and the design is precise. The rugs are usually large in size and look beautiful in a formal dining room, bedroom, or traditional living room. Higher-end rugs from this area could be considered investment pieces. Some antique rugs from this region have been auctioned for more than a million dollars! Still, these rugs are well made and crafted to last for a very long time with normal use in a normal home. A beautiful Tabriz rug will, no doubt, add luxury to any home.

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