Southwestern Rugs

Capture the Hues and Tones of the Old West with Southwestern Rugs

Rustic and timeless fit the motif of Southwestern rugs, which include Southwest rugs, Navajo rugs, and Western rugs. These designer styles exude comfort, nature and patriotism. Suitable to rest over wood floors or to excite simple contemporary dˇcor as a table cover or wall hanging, these timeless area rugs are wonderful accessories to either decorate your walls or identify a special part of a room.

The affordability of southwestern rug varies by style (a Southwest rug is generally more affordable than a labor-intensive Navajo rug), material (pure Indian wool, nylon, or Mohair), and the crafter (manufacturer or Native American).

The market for these Southwestern rugs stretches past the South. As Northern log furniture is gaining popularity and eclectic styles are more the rage, Southwest, Navajo, and Western rugs are finding their way into anyoneÕs living quarters.

The rich colors and simple yet soothing patterns make Southwestern rugs appealing. Some of the better-known Southwest rugs include the Santa Fe rug series, Milliken, Mongol Kilim, Aspen, Navajo Rugs.

Southern sunsets, sands, nature, mountain, and sky inspire the themes of Southwestern rugs. Also, simple lines and geometry shapes are frequent patterns within Southwest, Western and Navajo rugs. Although Navajo rugs follow time-honored themes, the patterns do not reflect an symbolism nor are these area rugs actually used in ceremonies.

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