Solid Color Area Rug

A Solid Color Area Rug Provides a Huge Dollop of Color!

The solid color area rug is a popular mainstay of decorators and home owners alike. It's a strong fashion statement with a very modern flair to it. Here are some neat options you have regarding buying solid color area rugs:
  • Natural Rugs. Have you looked at these recently? You can have your pick of a dizzying array of natural materials, all in a solid color: jute rugs, sea grass rugs, and sisal rugs all look great over a hardwood floor. If you're okay with a little bit of variation in a natural color, consider bamboo area rugs.

  • Shag Rugs. You can get 100% cotton jersey shag, 100% nylon shags, 100% wool flotakis shag rugs, all in wonderful blocks of bright colors or neutral cr¸mes and tans.

  • Braided Rugs. While you can get braided rugs in color combinations including tweed finishes, you can also get braided area rugs in solid colors. Colonial Braided Rugs and Colonial Rugs are two companies that offer braided rugs in solid colors. Braided rugs are great because you can reverse them for twice the wear.

  • Leather Rugs. Leather rugs are available in weaves and shags. I've even come across a leather shag area in a solid finish which is reversible. That's a good value. If you like the way a leather purse or jacket smells, consider getting a solid rug of leather to sit down on.
If you want to go with a solid color, you're probably ruling out any oriental rugs and most traditional rugs. They just don't usually come in one color. Don't take your room too seriously; you may want to play with texture and go for a jersey cotton shag or a flokati rug to play with the rug's dimensions. Because you're not concerned about shaping or designs within the rug, this is an area where you can buy a rug with a coarser rug weave or even go with a hand tufted rug as opposed to a hand knotted rug without any degradation of the rug's appearance.

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