Rustic Area Rug

Add a Rustic Area Rug to Primitive, Traditional, and Modern Decors

A rustic area rug is an interesting way to bring the outdoors inside. Jute or sisal rugs are now common products of rug manufacturers. Once only purchased by college students to save money, these rugs now can be found in a variety of homes with several different design themes.

Rustic rugs are at home in exotic or safari room decors. If you love animals too much to have a zebra or tiger skin rug, consider the primitive look of a rustic rug. There are even rugs made of banana tree leaves that would look perfect in African decors.

If you have a very large room with an Oriental rug that needs an additional rug in a high traffic part of the room, consider a bamboo rug. Bamboo rugs are rustic rugs that complement Oriental rugs and decors but require much less care. They are sturdy and long-lasting, not to mention much less inexpensive than handmade wool Orientals. Because the dirt falls through, they are easy to clean as well.

Contemporary homes often have 'quirky" design elements. Rustic rugs can provide this niche. If you have a modern decor with lots of bold colors and hard lines, adding a rustic rug makes the room a little less harsh. It adds a bit of whimsical balance often strived for in very modern decors.

As you can see, rustic rugs are not only affordable, but can be easily incorporated into a variety of styles. They are also quite affordable and usually require much less maintenance than rugs made of other materials.

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