Rug Hooking Kit

A Rug Hooking Kit Makes a Great Gift

The great thing about a rug hooking kit is that it takes all the guess work out of making a small rug. You don't have to come up with your pattern yourself; the pattern is already printed on the background so you'll be "painting by numbers" basically. Rug hooking is easier that other crafts that require careful counting of the "stitching." You just keep hooking the yarn or material until the desired area is filled with that color. You also don't have to find and measure out the right amount of hooking material (yarn or material); both that and any tools you need will be provided. You can find a hooking kit from hooking supply stores or craft stores.

Popular rug hooking kits come in either latch hook kits which use yarn and a canvas backing or a "primitive" wool hook kit which uses strips of wool and a pattern printed on burlap or monk's cloth. Both styles of hooking kits are fun to do. You'll probably find more contemporary designs with latch hook kit styles and more "antique" designs using wool strips and burlap backing.

Rug hooking kits come in different grades of difficulty. For children, hooking kits will often come in simpler patterns with reduced color palettes and use a larger canvas type of rug backing. For those seeking more of a challenge, you can find hooking kits that are larger, have more complicated patterns and more colors. If you're creative, try to initial and date your masterpiece so that all who see if will know you did it and when you made the time to finish it!

Another related item you might want to get at the same time is a rug hanger. Chances are you will be so proud of your brand new hooked rug that you won't want to put it down on the floor where people will walk all over it.

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