Rug Hangers

Use Rug Hangers to Display Antique or Special Rugs

Rug hangers are specifically designed to hang beautiful or valuable rugs. Often, these are area rugs that are antiques and too fragile to be used underfoot. Collectors of Oriental rugs frequently purchase rugs or pieces of rugs made in rug patterns not available today. A rug hanger is a perfect way to show off this valuable piece of artistic quality while preserving the rug.

Needlepoint rugs are also often displayed on hangers. The stitched designs are too fragile to be trampled upon by shoes and boots. Braided rugs, though sturdy and able to withstand heavy use, are oftentimes so beautiful that they are displayed as folk art on a hanger. Antique rug collectors would prefer to carefully hang antique braided rugs as the threads that are used to stitch the braids together weaken over time.

If you fall in love with a delicate or antique rug and simply must have it, consider using a rug hanger and displaying on the wall. All rugs that are walked on will eventually become dirty and worn. Even though well-made rugs last longer, no rug that is walked on looks as it did brand new. A rug hanger will protect the integrity of a delicate rug over time. Look at rugs as pieces of art - to be shown off either on the floor or on a hanger displayed on the wall.

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