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Looking for a Rug Chicago Style!

When you're looking for a rug Chicago style, be prepared for the cold, windy streets! Or, alternatively, I have an idea for you: instead of going out and braving the weather, how about curling up in front of your computer and let your fingers do the shopping?

Are you shopping for rugs Chicago would love: wool, heavy cotton shags, and thick braided rugs. All of these area rugs would keep your little tootsies warm in the thickest of Chicago's blustery winters.

Instead of walking around in the bracing cold to visit one Chicago rug store after another, consider how much faster your rug shopping would go if you didn't have to get in your car, drive around, find the rug gallery, find parking, and then walk around for somebody to help show you the rugs? You could quickly find out online if a particular Chicago rug store even carries the type of rug you're looking for before you get into your car to see it in person.

Do you have a favorite Chicago rug store you love to frequent? Check to see if you can visit your favorite Chicago rug store virtually online. Do they have a website with a virtual rug gallery?

Now let's get back to thinking what would be perfect for your Chicago basement. A thick braided rug that you could reverse to cover spills would be great. Two companies that specialize in making braided rugs are Colonial Rug and Colonial Braided Rug (in North Carolina since 1946).

If the braided rug is too colonial or folksy for you, consider a thick shaggy area rug to cover your Chicago-cold hardwood floors. You can get a Flokati rug, which is a hand knotted area rug from Greece (quite a long way from Chicago, huh?) that looks more like a wooly sheepskin rug than it does a knotted rug. If you want a psychedelic colored rug, consider getting one made out of polypropylene; they take dyes very well and won't fade as quickly as a wool rug will.

About the Author

Janine Jones is a freelance writer based in Northern Virginia (she likes to call it NoVa). New to the freelance world, Janine used to work as an analyst / programmer for a beltway bandit before deciding to mix being a stay-at-home-mom with a writing career. These days, Janine tries to get a little work done when her two kids (ages 3 and 15 months) are otherwise occupied. Janine is hooked on area rugs of all kinds.

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