Royal Palace Rugs

Royal Palace Rugs for Grand Beauty

Royal Palace rugs are very large area rugs. They were once made to cover the floors over castles, palaces, and grand homes of heads of state and the very wealthy. Today, these large Oriental rugs are found in great rooms of large showcase homes.

Royal Palace sized rugs are traditionally more expensive rugs because of their grand size. Because most of the large homes they are found in are decorated in a traditional scheme, the rugs are usually traditional Oriental, often Persian rugs.

These rugs are almost always hand made. This is partly to retain the integrity of the origin of these large area rugs, and partly because machines are not usually set to make such large rugs.

When choosing a royal palace area rug, you should allow at least 8-10 inches around the rug. A very large area rug is preferable to carpet, and it is an excellent way to protect hardwood floors and make a great room less impersonal.

Named after the grand rugs is the Royal Palace brand of rugs. It is a rug specifically manufactured for QVC. Not to be confused with Royal Palace sized area rugs, the Royal Palace brand offers a variety of sizes of affordable area rugs. These rugs are sold exclusively through QVC by phone or their website.

Many manufacturers produce Royal Palace sized rugs. If you cannot find the size you’d like, it is very easy to order a custom sized rug from your favorite manufacturer or through one of their dealers.

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