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Try Round Rugs for a Softer Look

Today's area rugs can be found in every shape imaginable. Many rugs now available, including Oriental, Persian, and Tibetan rugs, are offered in a variety of shapes. Octagon rugs, trapezoid rugs, and even triangular rugs are not uncommon. But one of the most popular "alternative shapes" are round rugs.

These rugs have been popular throughout the ages. You can find evidence of a round rug as early as the 1500's. In fact, circular rugs are very often used in Feng Shui decorating. Rounded country rugs are also very popular continue to be popular today.

A simple change in the shape of the rug can completely change the feel of a room. A rectangular or square area rug tends to feel traditional and formal. Circular rugs give a softer, more modern look. The rug's rounded curves tend to give a homier feel to a room. Even though a rug's pattern or materials may be traditional, a unique shape gives a rug a more contemporary feeling perfect for updated looks.

A round rug or other shape is not just for contemporary homes. You can find a round hooked rugs, round braided rugs, and even crochet rounds to complement any decor.

If you find a rug pattern you like but don't see a round rug offered, be sure to ask if one is available. Often you can get the same pattern (or a very similar one) in a round or alternatively shaped rug. If not, check online. A wider variety of styles can often be found on the web.

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