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Related Articles

Area Rugs on the Web? What a Site

After spending hundreds of dollars on your favorite Picasso print, the idea of buying it online, anticipating its delivery, tossing it on the floor and going for a stroll seems unimaginable. But...

Chemicals in Area Rugs and Home Furnishings
Area rugs and carpets, depending on how they are manufactured, and also on how they are chemically treated before shipping to stores, can emit chemicals into the surrounding air...

Area Rugs and Flooring - Two Green Giants
Over the years, a debate has taken place in the flooring industry over the impact its products have on the environment. In 2003, a group of industry researches and technical specialists met at the University of North Carolina to examine...

Area Rugs Insurance Guide
Because your home, and to a certain extent the items in that furnish it, will most likely be the best investment you're likely to make, it's important to protect this investment and those items that enhance it...

Top Tips for Getting What You Paid For Online
Today's online shopping isn't limited to exotic Persian rugs anymore. It's comprised of stores selling everything from: hardware, clothing, magazines and carpeting to gourmet food, cigars and tires...

Sound Advice from the Area Rug Doctor
With the constant barrage of leaf blowers, lawn mowers and loud appliances swirling around us, it's no wonder...

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