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Three states in America can buy a Pasadena area rug: Texas, Maryland, and California. All three states have cities named Pasadena in them. Let's consider how buying Pasadena area rugs could differ depending on which Pasadena you were coming from.

In Texas, traditional rugs go over better than contemporary rugs would. If you're got oil money, then you're going to want to buy an Oriental rug for your house. Otherwise, a braided area rug might look great for a den or sunroom in Pasadena, Texas. Couristan and Momeni both import beautiful Oriental rugs that would work great for your Texan house. If you wanted a little bit of Cowboy in your house, consider getting a cowhide!

In California, where it's hotter more often than it's colder, a cool natural materials area rug would be perfect for people who call Pasadena their home. Natural materials like jute, seagrass, and bamboo would work great over their hardwood floors or even any wall to wall carpet they may have in their homes in Pasadena, California. Oriental Weaver's Sphinx subsidiary has a great collection of bamboo area rugs; they call it Bamboozled. They're made in China of 100% bamboo and you have at least six different weaves to choose from.

Although Maryland doesn't consider itself quite a part of the South but it sure is southern to those states up north! Contemporary rugs that don't look back to the past for their designs would work for most houses in Pasadena, Maryland. 828 International Trading Company imports a number of area rugs that are influenced by Tibet flat woven rugs; these rugs have a very modern feel to them despite their historical ties.

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