Outdoor Area Rug

An Outdoor Area Rug Helps Tame Nature!

Looking for an outdoor area rug? You find that many outdoor area rugs are actually indoor/outdoor rugs meaning that they are pretty and comfortable enough to be used inside but won't get water damaged outside. Here are a few of my favorite area rugs outside:

  • Braided Rugs. Not all braided rugs are meant for the outdoors. But there are a number of indoor/outdoor braided rugs that are made out of Olefin. Not only can you buy an area rug that can be used outdoors, but you can also get matching chair pads and placemats.

  • Comfort Mats These are perfect for right inside your back door, inside your garage, or in a kitchen. They are made out of weatherproof wipe-able polyester on the outside with a comfort layer of foam sandwiched in the middle.

  • Trans Ocean Imports Portofino Collection. This collection of flatweaves looks like natural jute but in fact they're really made out of weather proof Olefin.

  • Simply Home. Simply Home also has a few collections of indoor/outdoor rugs made out of Olefin that have a modern contemporary feel to them, thanks to designer Janelle Lampp.

The great thing about these outdoor rugs is that you can use them indoors as well. They don't have that outdoor look like the fake turf that we're all so familiar with. Here are some of my favorite uses for outdoor rugs:

  • I like to use outdoor rugs for my pets on my back porch which is cement. This rug helps to keep their toes warm and off of the concrete floor.
  • I keep an outdoor rug downstairs in the basement where my laundry machine is. The rug helps to keep my toes warm when I go down there to do the laundry but I don't have to worry about water damage to it.
  • I also keep an outdoor rug in my garage between where I would park the car (if we had the room) and the steps to the kitchen. I find that the rug helps reduce the amount of dirt that gets dragged in.

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