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Needlepoint Rugs - Beautiful, Handcrafted Displays

Needlepoint rugs are made with great detail and care. Usually a needlepoint rug is not used as a regular area rug. Instead, most people display them on rug hangers to be appreciated as art forms, not as area rugs to be walked on.

A needlepoint rug is usually made by hand. The rug worker stretches out a piece of canvas over wooden boards. After a rug pattern is designed, the design is placed underneath the canvas. The rug maker can still see the design through the canvas, and they stitch or "needlepoint" the design with a needle and thread or floss.

The needlepoint rug design is made a lot like cross stitch projects, but often on a much larger scale. Some rugs are made by machine. These rugs tend to be not as beautiful, detailed, or long-lasting as those crafted by hand with the best materials. A needlepoint rug made by hand is a usually a higher quality product.

After the rug design is stitched onto the canvas, a special rug backing is applied. It protects the stitches from abrasion from the floor or wall and makes the rug last longer. If you do choose to use your needlepoint rug as an area rug, be sure to put it someplace with light foot traffic. The delicate stitching in the rug is not meant to withstand heavy use.

A needlepoint rug can be lightly vacuumed and should be professionally cleaned. Many beautiful needlepoint design rugs are widely available; both locally and online. The home-y feeling of these beautiful pieces are a welcome addition to most any decor

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