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Buyer Beware When Shopping for Authentic Navajo Rugs and Western Motif Rugs

Some online retailers appear to market Native American rugs, in particular Navajo rugs. But, buyers beware! Many sellers advertise rugs based only on Indian and Western patterns and are not made with the high standards or material. Although these Navajo-style or other Native American-style rugs may have wonderful geometric shapes and feathers and such woven into the rug, these rugs are far from the real thing. Granted these rip-offs are easier on the pocketbook, but don't overlook the priceless value of owning the masterpiece for sometimes not much more.

Authentic Native American rugs, particularly Navajo rugs, are made by nations (tribes), by hand, and with Indian wool. These are labor heavy artworks, worthy of hanging in full view for many to appreciate for generations. Hence, the cost for genuine Navajo rugs can run into thousands of dollars. Western rugs on the other hand replicate the western theme and don't follow the same standards as a bona fide Navajo rug. Hence, a western rug's material is nylon primarily. However, western rugs may be made from lambskin, cowhide or wool.

Most Native American rugs originate from Arizona or California. Truly vintage Navajo rugs are "raised" by Nations such as Canyon Country Originals (

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