Navajo Rug Cleaning

Preserving Timeless Beauty with Navajo Rug Cleaning and Repair

Proper Navajo rug cleaning and repair should not be left to the average rug cleaner. This job demands special handling, by more than the neighborhood dry cleaner. Yes, the cost to correctly clean these precious Southwestern rugs can be spendy, but it's not optional if you'd like your treasure preserved for your lifetime and more.

A competent Navajo rug cleaning and repair specialists knows better than to treat a Navajo rug like any other wool rug. A Navajo rug is an investment out of the rare Southwestern rug class and should receive no less inspection at a cleaner than you might expect at the dentist.

A thorough Navajo rug cleaning and repair begins with careful inspection of these area rugs' fiber condition, pest damage, stains, side effects from hanging, and wearing from foot traffic. The best Navajo rug cleaning and repair specialist originate from Arizona or California. A couple professionals are Garland's Rugs in Sedona, Arizona and Oriental Rug Repair Co. in Tucson, AZ. Also, many of these rare rug cleaners treat other prized area rugs such as Oriental rugs. The average turn-around time on cleaning jobs can take two to three weeks.

Before starting on cleaning and repairs, the Navajo rug cleaning and repair expert will quote the cost to repair, re-dying (if necessary), restoration to be performed, and photos from all-important angles of the handcrafted masterpiece. Some services include tenderly using special chemical and enzymes for rough spots, practicing mild hand scrubbing to preserve the wool's texture and color, and moth-"proofing" with another exclusive chemical.

To maintain the care of your Navajo rug after cleaning and repair, store it out of direct sunlight, use a protective underpad if placed in high traffic areas, and never roll or fold your rug.

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