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Taking care of your Natural Area Rug

A natural area rug makes sense in today's hardwood floor décor. You can find many different types of natural area rugs in the market today: sisal, jute, seagrass, bamboo, and coir (that's from the coconut shell). Each of these types of fibers possess their own feel, smell, look, and they way they handle in terms of how they can be used to make a rug.

Some times natural rugs will be treated with a latex backing to keep them from being to slippery. If your rug doesn't come with a latex backing, you should probably get a rug pad to keep the rug in place. Nicer natural rugs will usually have cotton or linen bindings, sometimes in contrasting colors.

Your natural rug will provide you with years of usability if you take care of it. Keep it out of the sun or rotate it so that it doesn't fade unevenly. The most important thing to remember is that a rug made out of natural materials will soak up water or humidity, neither of which will be good for your natural rug. For that reason, a natural rug does not make sense in a damp basement or outside on the porch where it can get wet.

You can often times have your natural rug treated to repel dirt and water. If this is available, it makes sense to have it done to your area rugs. Don't use a wet vacuum or steam vacuum on your natural rug but a regular vacuum is okay to use. If you find dirt on your rug that won't vacuum away, check with the rug manufacturer but there are probably a couple of different things you can try to clean the natural rug: soapy water, ammonia or bleach. Many experts recommend using a "Dry Extraction Carpet Cleaning" product.

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