Lodge Area Rug

A Lodge Area Rug for a Rustic Look

Do you have a cabin by the lake? How about a winter vacation home up north? Or maybe you just have a newly finished basement den that you'd like to decorate? For any of these rooms, one fun idea for decorating is to go with a lodge area rug. If you want to channel a hunt club look, start with your floor. With area rugs you can make a big impact on the room without being beholden to that look if you should change your mind.

You have many choices when it comes to a rug with a lodge look. Lodge area rugs include a wide range of both natural skin rugs and man made woven rugs. If you're going to go with a fur rug, consider a bear skin rug or a sheepskin rug. These area rugs work especially well in cold climates because they will feel very warm against your skin. Cowhide rugs also work well in this setting. Denim or corduroy on the couches work well with natural area rugs on the floor.

If you live in the south but would still like a rustic look, consider going for a flat weave type of area rug that reminds you of an Indian striped blanket or it will have another Southwestern look to it. With this lodge look you could play up the American Indian hunting motif with arrowheads framed in shadow boxes.

Finally, if you want something lodge sporty but you don't like the natural skin rug look or the Indian striped rug look, consider a braided area rug that would look very at home in a fishing lodge. In this case, you might want some homey carved signs on the walls to finish the lodge effect. Now, if you could only get rid of Uncle Milt's stuffed Bass hanging over the fireplace...

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