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Walk on a Leather Rug for Elegant, Contemporary Design

A leather rug? Absolutely. Leather rugs are the newest contemporary rug trend. They are beautiful, soft, luxurious, and perfect for any transitional or contemporary area.

Traditional leather woven rugs and cowhide area rugs have been around for years. They are high maintenance rugs and require special care and cleaning, but they look so beautiful and elegant in a bedroom, library, or home office. Now that more realistic looking faux leather rugs are available online, people can create the same look with much less money and upkeep.

The most interesting look in leather contemporary rugs is the leather shag rug. Also known as spaghetti leather rugs, rug companies are taking traditional ways of rug making and simply using a new material - leather - to make interesting and beautiful contemporary rugs.

The spaghetti leather or shag leather contemporary rugs are made like a traditional hooked rug. There is a backing through with leather strips are pushed, creating leather loops. The loops are then cut to create a leather shag rug. Heights of the loops vary. Some leather loops remain uncut and are hooked at shorter heights to produce a dense loop pile.

These spaghetti leather rugs come in a variety of colors. Some rugs are all one color, some are "confetti" colored (various colors mixed together), and some are mosaic or calico colored (patches of different colored leather). These leather rugs give just a little bit of a wild look while making any room a little more interesting and unique.

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