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Since 1928, Karastan has made premium area rugs that closely duplicate hand-woven Oriental rugs. They use only the highest quality fine wool to make every area rug. This makes the rugs more beautiful and longer lasting than other area rugs made with inferior materials.

Karastan rugs are also made with very high quality dyes. This makes Karastan area rugs brighter and more fade-resistant. Many of their rugs use dozens of different colors to better coordinate with a wide variety of design schemes. There are design groups available so you can coordinate rugs across different rooms and areas. You can even get area rugs and throw rugs of custom sizes and shapes.

Karastan area rugs and throw rugs are softer and more luxurious than the average rugs found on the market today. Because the carpets and rugs are made with fine wool, they are soft to the touch and naturally stain-resistant.

A testament to the durability of Karastan's rugs: at two World's Fairs, Karastan area rugs were not just displayed; they were trampled. People, children, and animals were invited to do their worst to the area rug displayed at each fair. To show how sturdy their carpets and throw rugs were, the company cleaned only half of the rug. The rugs are still displayed today, and you can clearly see the abuse each rug took, and how beautifully the rug cleaned.

Instead of buying an off-brand throw rug and having to replace it every year, consider buying a Karastan area rug. Their throw rugs, area rugs, and carpets are very unique in that they have warranties. The rugs are guaranteed to last for years. When it comes to quality and beauty, you canÍt go wrong with a Karastan area rug.

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