Jacobsen Oriental Rug

Jacobsen Oriental Rug Depot for Over 80 years!

Jacobsen has been selling oriental rugs for 80 years! If you buy a Jacobsen oriental rug, rest assured you are buying an authentic Oriental rug. Officially, the company is known as Jacobsen Oriental Rugs. Jacobsen was founded in 1924 by Charles "Jake" Jacobsen. Jacobsen did a lot in his life besides opening an Oriental rug store. He fought in both World Wars, went to college and wrote four books on Oriental rugs!

Jacobsen sells oriental rugs from Iraq, India, Afghanistan, China, Pakistan, Tibet, and Turkey. Not all of their rugs are brand new as they buy rugs from estate sales as well as take in rugs in good condition for trade-ins.

Jacobson has their huge showroom in the middle of Syracuse, in New York. But you don't have to travel there or brave 2 feet of snow to sample their lovely wares. They sell their oriental rugs via catalog and the Internet. I don't think you'll have a problem finding an oriental rug that you like from Jacobsen. They have close to 7,000 rugs in inventory. That's right, I didn't put an extra zero in there. I meant 7 thousand rugs! Can you imagine what it's like there when they're hunting for a specific rug that a customer looked at a week earlier? Talk about a needle in a haystack!

But all kidding aside, it's really quite easy to buy an oriental rug from Jacobsen. They'll ship it to you for free (except for ones that are on their "damaged goods" sale) and you don't have to keep it if you don't want it. No questions asked. This very customer-oriented Oriental rug importer has now grown to 32 people up there in upstate New York!

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