Inexpensive Area Rug

How to Find a Quality, Inexpensive Area Rug

Most people are consider a large investment in a fine rug for a collection or formal dining room well worth it. However, for a room that is used frequently, especially by children and pets, an inexpensive rug might be more suitable. Even if you're considering discount rugs, you still want a quality rug that will last. Follow a few guidelines, and finding a durable, attractive cheap area rug is easy.

First, you should know which inexpensive area rugs to avoid. While garage sales and flea markets are great places for bargains, you should avoid purchasing an area rug there. The history of the rug is unknown. While it may look clean, the rug could contain deep-set stains and possibly insects or mites. If you have children, this is not a risk you should take, as it might be difficult to thoroughly clean. If the person who owned the rug had pets, there may be elimination stains that you cannot easily detect.

A great money-saving option is to buy your inexpensive area rug online. There is an incredibly large selection of higher quality rugs and carpet remnants available. You are much more likely to find a rug you love for a discounted price, often with free shipping.

When purchasing an inexpensive area rug, be sure to look at the material used to make the rug. If it is made of 100% wool or nylon, the rug is usually of better quality. It will be stain-resistant and durable. Consider less expensive blends and other synthetic materials if you frequently change decor or don't plan on using the rug in a high traffic area.

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