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Hooked Rugs - Craft Projects with Style

Hooked rugs add a unique look to homes. A fun craft project that will look great afterwards in your home is a latch hook rug. These rugs can come in the patterns of primitive rugs, animal rugs, geometrical pattern rugs, and these can all be hooked. Rugs are of this type are not a place to wipe your muddy shoes. These rug-hooking patterns are like artwork, just in the form of a rug. After completing a rug project, many people use them as wall hangings.

There are also actual rugs to walk on that are hooked. Like the latch hook projects, they have a loose open binding in the back, and the fibers are hooked through. These rugs are primitive and often beautiful and costly, but do not usually hold up as well as tighter woven rugs. They should generally not be used in high traffic areas, and are more decorative than functional.

For crafts, however, latch hooking is an easy and fun project that can be done by children, adults, and seniors. Most kits come with everything you need to make your rug. Often you can buy extra hooking yarn if you want to get creative and change colors from the original design. You can hook a rug for a gift for others. There are many kits available, and a completed rug is a great gift idea for a new baby in a pattern that will complement the nursery. The parents can keep the rug for years to come, and a homemade gift is always more unique and heartfelt.

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