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Hearth Rugs Protect Your Floors and Home

Roaring fires are wonderful during the winter months, but they can also be dangerous. Placing hearth rugs in front of your fireplace can save carpeting and hardwood floors from fire damage. Even if you have a fireplace screen, burning embers can fly out of the fire when you open the screen to add wood. These sparks can burn your carpet and, worse, cause house fires. When a spark flies out of the fireplace and lands on these specially-designed rugs, it simply burns out. When it's time to clean up after a fire, keep the rug in place.

Fireplace rugs go on the floor directly in front of your hearth. They are flame-resistant and are usually designed with fibers that can be brushed away if they are singed. Even if sparks fly from the fireplace and land on the rug, the singed fibers can be easily vacuumed or swept and will still look new.

Like area rugs, you can find a variety of sizes and colors available. Larger sized rugs cover the most area in front of the hearth and and may be your best bet, as they protect more of your carpet or wood flooring. There are even rugs designed to be cut to fit completely around your hearth or fireplace.

These handy rugs are also designed to keep soot from getting into your carpet. Even if you drop an entire fireplace tray full of ash and soot, the rug is easily cleaned and looks like new for the next fire. Meanwhile, your carpet underneath remains clean and free of stains and odor. These rugs are a must for anyone who uses a fireplace.

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