The Functional Floorcloth - A Sentimental Favorite

A floorcloth is just that - a cloth (usually canvas) that covers the floor. Back before linoleum, floor cloths were widely used in kitchens and dining areas to both beautify and protect floors. They are inexpensive and very easy to keep maintain - a shake, light sweeping or a damp cloth usually does the trick.

But floorcloths are not just floorcoverings. They can even bring a family closer together! Instead of plain old area rugs or kitchen rugs, consider crafting floorcloths with your family.

They steps are simple. Purchase a large piece of canvas - many rug dealers sell heavy-duty canvas that makes a good floor cloth. Duct tape the edges to the floor. Be sure to leave enough fabric allowance for a hem to finish the edges. Then get creative! Using markers or paints, invite your children, friends, and family to leave their mark on the floor cloth. A great idea is to give each person a section at a family gathering.

After the paint has dried, coat the floor cloth with four or five layers of a water-based varnish. When dry, hem. Use area rug pads or strips on the back of the floor cloth to keep it in place. There is even a special liquid backing available that you can paint on the back to prevent skidding.

Floor cloths are unique, sentimental favorites. They are more than just a piece of canvas or any old floor covering. They're virtually pet and kid-proof, easily cleaned keepsakes that parents, children and family members can make and enjoy together for years.

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