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Flokati Rugs - Your Toes Will Thank You

It was thousands of years ago that shepherds in Eastern Europe first made Flokati rugs. The thick, fluffy warm wool from their herds went into these special area rugs. These shaggy rugs were valuable throughout the winter months; helping to keep chilly floors and beds warm.

Flokati area rugs are still typically made in Eastern Europe and Greece. The best Flokati area rugs are now made with wool imported from New Zealand. These rugs are handmade, fluffy, thick, and soft.High-quaity flokatis can last for generations.

Traditional Flokatis were of light color because of the natural color of the wool. Now they are now very popular as contemporary area rugs in modern settings and come in a wide variety of colors.

When purchasing a Flokati area rug, they are often sold by weight. 1200, 1400, 2000, 3000, and 4000 grams are typical weights. You might see them written as 1200g/M2. This simply means is that there are 1200 grams in every square meter. Heavier weights are more expensive, warmer, thicker, and fluffier.

If used in a bedroom, you will be pleasantly surprised at the softness on bare feet every morning. In a contemporary living room setting, the rugs are a luxurious and funky decorative statement. Don't be surprised if visitors have an uncontrollable urge to reach down and feel the softness of your area rug.

Made of 100% wool, Flokatis should be spot cleaned and professionally cleaned from time to time. With care, these luxury quality shag rugs should last for many years.

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