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A Dionysus rug is a display of nature and beauty. The area rugs come in diverse color schemes to fit any decor. They are generally considered to be contemporary rugs, but are also known as transitional rugs.

Transitional rugs fall into a category between traditional rugs and contemporary rugs. Transitional rugs like Dionysus rugs are great for people who switch decor frequently or like both traditional and contemporary styles. Contemporary rugs are usually more modern. They use newer designs popular in the last thirty or so years. They generally use brighter colors and a lot of geometric or abstract designs. Transitional rugs are more updated than traditional rugs, but they are not quite as modern as contemporary rugs.

Dionysus, the Greek god of fertility and wine, inspired the Dionysus collection of rugs. He is usually depicted with vines and grapes. Dionysus rugs contain vines and other botanical elements.

Some of the rugs in the Dionysus collection have dark backgrounds with bold vine designs. Other rugs have a light motif with subtle or muted designs. Some focal point rug designs are so distinctive you won't want to cover them. Other rugs use a more muted, repeating pattern that makes the rug more versatile and able to work in many design themes.

All of the Dionysus rugs are hand-tufted in China. They are 100% wool accented with mercerized cotton. The rugs, designed by Delos, are available widely. You can easily see these beautiful rugs and purchase them online or in stores throughout Canada and the United States.

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