Decorating with Area Rug

A Decorating with Area Rug Crash Course

There is no real decorating with area rug handbook. There are a few simple guidelines and a few ways to make it easier on you, but there are no standing rules. Decorate with area rugs as it makes you happy. It's your home and you have to see it every day. Meanwhile, there are a few things to help direct you if you don't know where to start.

First, when starting from scratch, it is easier to choose a decorative area rug first. It is much easier to match things to a rug you love. It is more difficult to find a rug to fit in with your existing furniture, curtains, and other fabrics.

If your room is square or rectangle with a lot of edges and angles, oval rugs, octagon rugs, and round area rugs can soften the look of the room. At the same time, square rugs can give structure and definition to a room lacking these elements.

Size is also important to achieving certain design goals. An 8 x 10 area rug is a good size to be used in the middle of a room. A 6 x 9 area rug is better for defining certain areas within a larger, open room.

The rest of the guidelines in decorating with rugs are subjective. Use rugs you love, and try to put them in places where you think they look good. It's really that simple. Have fun with it and decorate until you create a room that brings you pleasure.

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