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Get a Custom Area Rug for a One-of-a-kind Look

Ordering a custom area rug is becoming a very popular trend. Once only for the very wealthy, the Internet has made it custom rugs more widely available and affordable. You can order braided rugs made to exactly match the colors and fabrics in your curtains or contemporary rugs made of a variety of colors and textures to perfectly complement your custom fireplace.

There are sites online devoted solely to custom-made rugs. The sites will aid you in choosing your custom rug designs, textures, colors, and sizes. Some sites even put utilize programs that will put together your choices so you can get a preview of your custom rug before ordering.

If you have a specific custom design that you have drawn, these companies allow you to email or send a picture. They will then send you an estimate of what your custom rug will cost.

Other sites provide examples of custom work they have done. You can choose from specific design elements they have used in the past to build your custom rug. You can also choose a design artist and ask for different custom rug ideas to be presented to you. Custom designs by established designers are usually much more expensive as there is typically an additional custom design fee.

Custom rugs will cost more than most rugs available at stores. The actual cost will depend on the materials, size, and colors of your custom rug. However, with so much custom rug competition, the cost is overall much less than in the past.

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