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Crochet Rugs for Crafts and Homey Comfort

Crochet is hot again! Many celebrities are showing their love for crochet in top crochet magazines and newsletters. There are thousands of crochet rug patterns available online. There are also finished crochet bathroom, nursery, bedroom, kitchen area rugs and runners available for purchase. Along with this rise in popularity, interest making crochet rugs is enjoying a revival.

These rugs are great functional crafts projects that are beautiful and will last for years. A popular version is variation of the braided rug. Instead of braiding the strips of fabric, you crochet them!

To make these rugs, the basic instructions are:

1. Buy or collect fabric scraps. Cotton and cotton blends work well.

2. For a typical rug, cut the fabric into 1-inch wide strips.

3. Sew together (by hand or machine) the ends of the strips to create your special rug "yarn."

4. To begin making your rug, simply use a large (K or bigger) hook and crochet a long chain.

5. Fashion the chain into the rug shape of your choice and tack together.

Some people make circular rugs; others like to make square or rectangular rugs. If made of absorbent material, these rugs work well in the bathroom. If the rug is intended for use in the bathroom, special backing you sew on will keep the rug from slipping.

A crochet area rug made of more delicate yarns are also very popular for the nursery. Use thick 4-ply wool or special custom rug yarn that is widely available (try online if you can't find it locally.) If you make your rug with non-rug wool, it's a good idea to work with two strands of wool throughout the project. This will create a softer, more comfortable surface for tired parents' feet during those 2:00 AM nursery visits.

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