Colonial Braided Rug

Colonial Braided Rug Made in America for You!

Colonial Braided Rug company is fairly unique in that their rugs are all 100% American made. Rugs by Colonial are a combination of machine made core but the actual rug is lashed together by Colonial employees (who use sewing machines for the sewing). Colonial employees are paid by the hour and not by piece meal to ensure that they spend enough time making each rug for quality. The average employee has been with Colonial for 10 years in their North Carolina factory.

Colonial braided rugs come in a variety of shapes and colors. Popular shapes include oval area rugs, stair treads, throw rugs for bathrooms and kitchens, chair pads, bone-shaped pet throw rugs and heart shaped throw rugs. Colonial makes braided rugs in the following color combinations: solid, two-colors (the solid color and cream), three-colors (20 different combinations), and tweed (in 47 different tweeds). Besides the shape and colors you want to use, you'll need to decide on the band combinations. For example, braided rugs can come all in one color or they might use bands of contrasting colors between colors.

Braided rugs by Colonial are not your traditional braided rug that is made from materials but rather they are made up of cords wrapped in spun nylon carpet yarn than is then stitched together into a wrapped rug.

You can buy rugs from Colonial in stores in person or you can buy them online or by phone. You can get samples of the rugs from Colonial to help you decide if you want to buy a rug or not.

Instead of using cotton thread to sew the rug together, Colonial uses a monofilament (a fishing line) to sew the rug together. Because they do that, they offer a lifetime warranty on the sewing stitches of their rugs. The other thing to remember about Colonial is that they specialize in custom made rugs. You can go to them with your own design and they'll produce it for you!

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