Christmas Rug

A Christmas Rug Can Pull Together a Festively Decorated Room

Wondering how to get a designer look for your holiday? Use a Christmas rug to pull together your holiday decorating. People often roll up and exchange seasonally appropriate area rugs, so why not one for your favorite season of all, Christmas?

You can find smaller cheerful Christmas rugs for the following placements:

  • welcome mats
  • kitchen throw rugs
  • bathroom accents

You can find large area rugs that also evoke a holiday spirit but they may not be considered “novelty rugs” because they could be used at other times besides Christmas. Persian area rugs with Christmas colors of deep burgundy or emerald are often rolled to accompany the Christmas tree in December.

Another very popular look with Christmas area rugs are smaller throw rugs with primitive Christmas designs. These designs might look like your great aunt Polly hooked them back in the 1950s. Images of bears, trees, snowmen, and Santa's hooked into the rugs with happy holiday sentiments.

You might want to get an expensive area rug, maybe a red area rug, to put underneath your Christmas tree to protect your flooring, carpet, or other rug that lies underneath it. Sometimes the Christmas tree holder can mar or indent the flooring underneath it. In addition to that, water damage can occur when you're trying to keep your Christmas tree hydrated during the Christmas season. I used an inexpensive red area rug this past year and was much happier with how things looked underneath the tree area when January came around.

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Janine Jones is a freelance writer based in Northern Virginia (she likes to call it NoVa). New to the freelance world, Janine used to work as an analyst / programmer for a beltway bandit before deciding to mix being a stay-at-home-mom with a writing career. These days, Janine tries to get a little work done when her two kids (ages 3 and 15 months) are otherwise occupied. Janine is hooked on area rugs of all kinds.

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