Chinese Rug

A Chinese Rug Will Never Lose Its Appeal!

The Chinese rug has come in many different styles over the years, with its recent popularity peaking with the Chinese sculptured wool rug in the 1980s and 1990s. Here is a short list of different Chinese rugs you may come across:

  • Chinese art deco rug. Chinese art deco rugs reached their popularity in the 1920s and 1930s. Walter Nichols was a famous English importer of Chinese art deco style rugs. Reportedly his company imported up to 3,000 area rugs a month at the height of the demand for Chinese art deco rugs. Nichols used Chinese wool but used machines to spin the wool which made them stronger. He used German dyes for beautiful long lasting colors. Imagine the delight of a rug collector when he finds the stencil “MADE IN CHINA BY NICHOLS” on a semi-antique art deco rug!

  • Aubusson Chinese rug. The Aubusson Chinese rug is synonymous with quiet, good taste. Aubusson Chinese rugs actually gets their inspiration from a French town, Aubusson, which had its rug-making heyday back in the 1600s. The Chinese Aubusson rug is a needlepoint rug using wool yarns.

  • Chinese dragon rug. When you think of a Chinese dragon rug, you're probably imagining a Chinese sculptured rug that is done Peking style, with Chinese symbols and animals. This is a wool rug that is heavily knotted and then stylistically “carved” (trimmed) around the actual symbols of the rug to give it a 3D effect. This Peking style rug reached a peak in the 1980s and 1990s but had been eclipsed by simpler Tibetan rug designs of the later 1990s and 2000s.

  • Chinese silk rug. While you might think that with China's history of silk that Chinese silk rugs go back a ways, truthfully, their popularity is a recent trend due to America's embargo on silk rugs from Persia (Iran). Now that this embargo has been lifted, it will be interesting to see how the balance works its way out between Persian rugs from China or from Persia! None the less, China made good use of that time, importing beautiful silk rugs using antique patterns from Iran.

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Janine Jones is a freelance writer based in Northern Virginia (she likes to call it NoVa). New to the freelance world, Janine used to work as an analyst / programmer for a beltway bandit before deciding to mix being a stay-at-home-mom with a writing career. These days, Janine tries to get a little work done when her two kids (ages 3 and 15 months) are otherwise occupied. Janine is hooked on area rugs of all kinds.

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