Carpet Squares

Carpet Squares - Patterns To Please the Budget

As pleasing to eye and to the soles of your feet, carpet tile and carpet squares add an extra dimension to any room. While renovating for home or corporate use, carpet tiles and carpet squares are not only affordable but also usually uncomplicated to install or replace. The most complicated part of selecting carpet tiles and carpet squared is making a final decision on the hundreds of patterns and textures on the market. Don't make the mistake of thinking that once this foundation is in place that the high traffic areas are protected. Keep your traffic following the flow of your room with strategically placed area rugs.

Pick a room, indoor or outdoors, and start shopping from the various categories of carpet tiles and carpet squares: self-adhesive for vinyl, stronger adhesives and caulk along the seams for a better quality (check the back for the manufacturer's performance-rating guidelines), or even professional installation. A primary benefit in choosing tiles and squares is the ease in which a certain tile or square can be replaced if damaged. Remember to check your squares and tiles before installation to ensure pieces are not flawed. Another equally important reason to select this flooring covering is it is more hypoallergenic than large carpet areas. To enhance the lushness of this flooring, select an appropriate underlay.

The patterns are carefully arranged to compliment the room's theme or purpose. Have you ever noticed how much research is put behind the carpet squares used in casinos? The colors evoke a mood and the patterns keep the traffic headed toward specific areas. Even schools nowadays use this same theory. To keep student traffic smooth moving, many schools use easy to clean and durable carpet tiles and carpet squares to lead grades to their own wings. To accommodate large classes, many school libraries also place area rugs in designated areas for group reading. Even in hotel lobbies lined with carpet squares, a vast area is broken into smaller "rooms" by laying area rugs under specific areas like couches and chairs to make it look like a living room is within the waiting area.

Carpet tiles and carpet squares are easier to replace and clean than large expansive carpets and single sheets of vinyl. Also, carpet tiles are universally available in only certain dimensions, laid together to form an impressive base such as for outdoor patios or a garden's pathway. Pay close attention to a manufacturer's recommendation on cleaning products. Frequent vacuuming and gentle cleanings are necessary to extend the lifespan of your flooring.

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