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Why Not Use a Carpet Remnant as an Area Rug?

Almost all carpet stores will sell you a carpet remnant. It's simply a large piece of carpet they have left over from installing carpet in someone's home. Why not use one as an area rug? The advantages of using carpet remnants as area rugs are many. For one thing, it's usually much less expensive than purchasing an area rug. Stores usually sell these remnants at a big discount since they are oddly sized and they can't be used to complete a carpeted room.

Carpet remnants are also easily maintained. Because carpet is designed, unlike some more delicate area rugs, to endure heavy wear and tear, it is easy to clean, stain-resistant, with pile that is designed to be long-lasting.

You might encounter problems with a remnants' frayed edges. This happens when the carpet is cut and the edges left unbound. The entire edge will tend to snag, pull, or separate. If this happens, most carpet retailers will tell you simply to cut a new edge of the carpet. This is easily done with carpet shears, and the remnant will continue to perform longer that way. If you're willing to invest a little more money, the carpet dealer will bind the edges for you in the matching or contrasting color of your choice.

Carpet remnants made of wool fibers are usually thicker and softer to walk on than ones made of other fibers. You can find carpet remnants in thick pile, Berber, and even shag. They are excellent for children's playrooms, finished basements, and frequently used family rooms. They make a room more homey and comfortable without the expense of carpeting the whole room.

When carpeting doesn't make sense and a high-quality area rug is out of reach, carpet remnants make good sense. Be sure to take samples to the store with you to check colors as carpet remnants are usually not returnable.

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