Carpet Padding

Carpet Padding for Convenience and Safety

Carpet padding keeps a rug in place. It helps your area rugs remain flat on the floor. A rug pad will help keep fringe in place, and prevents bubbles and warped braids in area rugs.

More importantly, padding will prevent the rug from sliding across a hardwood floor. Area rugs placed on hard floors without pads can be very dangerous. It is easy to slip or trip on a rug. It is especially important for children and seniors to have padding underneath every area rug in the house.

Padding also adds to comfort. You will notice a big difference stepping onto a rug with a pad underneath. Doing dishes on a kitchen rug with padding underneath is easier on your feet and legs. Padding underneath a rug in a child's room will be more comfortable for playing games on the floor.

It is easier to clean a rug with a carpet pad placed underneath. If you've ever tried to vacuum an area rug placed just on the floor, you know the frustration of rescuing it from the suction hose. Rug pads often allow the rug to be vacuumed all the way to the edges.

A pad underneath a rug makes the rug last longer, especially in high traffic areas. The pile is less likely to matt with a pad under an area rug.

Padding also helps absorb sound better than a rug alone. It can also help a room stay warmer in the winter. The small investment in area rug pads is well worth the benefits to safety and the life of the rug.

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