Border Area Rug

What is a Border Area Rug?

You've probably heard people (especially on television design shows) discuss a border area rug. You might, however, not understand exactly what they mean. It's actually very simple. Border area rugs are just rugs with a distinct border.

Most Oriental rugs have a central design, a marked border, and then an outer border design. An Oriental rug of this type pf design qualifies as a border rug. The inside of the border is called the field. Sometimes the field is completely empty. Sometimes there is a very complex field design and a blank border.

Sometimes it's not a design change. Instead, the border is made of a different material. It is an interesting twist in sisal rugs to have a different texture or material in the field or border. Sometimes a regular, wool modern rug will incorporate a bamboo border.

In the past, most contemporary rugs did not have borders. Now a common design scheme is to add a textured border. Sometimes the rug is one solid color in the field and outer border with just one border stripe in a contrasting color.

So what design purpose does a border rug serve? If you have a large room that you want to make a bit cozier, you should consider a border rug with a design inside the field. If you want the opposite effect (to make a room look larger), try a border rug with an empty field and a pattern in the outer border.

Now that you understand the definition of a border rug, it should make your online rug shopping experience easier. If you like the look of a rug with a prominent border, you can easily search sites for border rugs.

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