Berber Area Rug

The Advantages of a Berber Area Rug

Berber is a type of weave in a rug that has tight, often multi-level loops. A Berber area rug will give any room a neat, clean look. Berber rugs are increasing in popularity, as they are easier to maintain. Newer Berber designs include different colors and textures that make Berber more suitable for any decor.

The rugs are named after the Berber tribes in northern Africa. The people of these tribes wove wool rugs to be worn as cloaks. The style became popular for floor coverings because of its durability. Berber area rugs are still known for this durability. It is important, however, to make sure your rug is 100% wool or 100% nylon. There are cheaper Berber rugs available, but these rugs are nowhere near as long lasting.

Berber rugs are easier to clean than plush pile rugs. Because of the flatter surface of Berber rugs, dirt and other materials generally stay on top for easier removal. You would think the flatter surface would make Berber rugs less comfortable, but the Berber weave creates tons of air pockets underneath the loops. The carpets are quite soft to walk on, especially with a rug pad underneath.

A Berber rug will not show vacuum tracks or footprints. The rugs also don't wear as easily as higher pile or shag. Once again, 100% wool or 100% nylon Berber rugs are recommended. The cheaper rugs will show more dirt, wear under heavy traffic, snag, and even scorch at fairly low temperature. Better made Berber rugs, however, will remain beautiful for years.

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