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Use a Bed Rug for Warmth and Durability

In colonial America, a bed rug was a very heavy rug made of wool that new Englanders would cover themselves with to keep warm in harsh winters. Bed rugs were once thought to be the poor versions of quilts. Many references have been found that would imply both rich and poor people used bed rugs. The bed rugs of the rich were highly embroidered and decorated and made of the finest quality wool. Bed rugs for the poor were plainer, coarser, and more utilitarian.

These days you can still buy bed rugs. Often you can find an area rug made of wool, sheepskin, or chenille that can double as a bed covering. Sheepskin rugs, bear rugs, and other animal rugs are common bed coverings.

Heavy chenille rugs are warm and comfortable bed coverings as well. If you live in a warmer climate, it would be very practical to have bed rugs that double as area rugs. During the winter, the rugs can be used as covers. The rest of the year, the wool rugs are great as area rugs.

Bed rugs in synthetic materials are also weather-resistant coverings in the beds of pickup trucks. These rugs provide much more cushion than regular bed liners. These bed rugs can be hosed off, do not absorb water, and will almost never stain. They are becoming very popular as alternatives to spray in or plastic bed liners.

Whichever bed rugs you choose, you will find a long lasting rug that will last for years to come.

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