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Bear Rugs - Bring the Great Outdoors Into Your Home

Bear rugs are no longer only used in front of fireplaces in cozy cabins when reenacting scenes from your favorite soap opera. Yes, bear skin rugs are more traditional on the floor. But today, many people now use bear skin rugs as area rugs in offices, bedrooms, living rooms, and even as bedspreads. A little caution to those thinking of jazzing up their bedroom decor with a bear skin rug as a bedspread: your new friends toothy smile could cause about a horrific moment upon waking!

Unlike zebra skin rugs, a bear skin rug preserves the head and claws of the bear. The mouth is open to show the teeth, and the real tongue is replaced with rubber. Underneath the skin, the rug has a very thick layer of padding and felt to make the rug last longer. The extra padding also makes the rug more comfortable.

If you simply want the softness of a bear skin rug but don't want to look one in its natural-looking replacement eyes, there are many faux skin rugs to be found online. Alpaca rugs and sheepskin rugs are also very soft and comfortable and do not include the head of the animal. You can also find synthetic alpaca and sheepskin rugs that are similarly soft and beautiful.

Black and brown bear skin rugs are widely available. Because North American black bears go through several color phases, it is also possible to find a bear skin rug in a rare blonde or cinnamon color. Grizzly and Kodiak bear skin rugs are more rare and expensive. Polar bear rugs are illegal to buy or import to the United States. If your wild decor would be perfectly complemented by a white rug, there are faux polar bear skin rugs available.

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