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Azhars Oriental Rugs Available Around the World

If you're looking for an authentic Oriental rug, look to Azhar's. An Azhars oriental rug can be either from a specific geographical location like a Bokhara or a Soumak or it may be a kind of rug like a kilim or a dhurrie. Both the kilim and dhurrie are not Persian rugs but are still sought after by collectors and decorators alike. Kilims are flat weave area rugs from the middle East and dhurries are flat weave area rugs from India. The Oriental rug that Azhar's is most famous for is their silk oriental rug.

Azhars rugs can be bought in person at their flagship store in Miami, Florida. If you don't live there, don't despair. Azhar's Oriental Rugs now has 11 locations across North and South America!

If you need help in repairing your oriental rug, contact Azhar's. Azhar's can help you with cleaning and protecting your oriental rug; they can repair fringes and reweave worn spots. They can also protect the rug's surface against dirt and spills. Be careful about having a carpet repaired. Just like many other antiques, an oriental carpet may lose its value if you make repairs to it that incorporate newer materials. Probably cleaning it gently won't harm it as long as the cleaner knows how to handle antique and semi-antique oriental rugs.

Azhar's boasts good discounts on their rugs because they import their rugs themselves, cutting out the middleman's cut that is usually passed on to the customer for the dealer to recover. Azhar's has also branched out beyond providing oriental rugs. Azhar's now sells chandeliers, furniture, and fine art.

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