Aubusson Rugs

Aubusson Rugs - European Rugs with an Oriental History and Future

Aubusson is a small town in France on the Creuse River. Although Aubusson rugs have not been made in the town for over 100 years, a local fine arts school and museum riside there; both of which preserve the beauty and tradition of the Aubusson Rug.

Large area rug making was first brought to Europe through Spain. France began producing large, beautiful wool rugs called Savonnerie rugs. But unless you lived in a palace, you would likely not have owned a Savonnerie rug. These beautiful pieces were specially commissioned rugs woven for royalty. Many years later, similar rugs were made in Aubusson..

Still, the common home would not have an Aubusson rug. Although more widely available than Savonnerie rugs, the rugs were still made for aristocrats. An Ausbusson rug was usually larger in scale because the rug would be made for grander homes with larger scale rooms.

An Aubusson rug is a flat woven rug usually containing a medallion design and pastel or muted colors. This style of rug was inspired by Oriental rugs of the time. However, there is a definite French influence in the style. To find an authentic Aubusson rug from the 17th, 18th, or 19th centuries, you will have to visit a museum. These rugs (or even small pieces of the rugs) are worth a fortune. While they are no longer produced in Aubusson, India and China now make reproductions that you can easily buy online and in specialty shops. Fortunately, reproductions of this classic European rug style remain as beautiful as their inspirations and make a stylish addition to your home.

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