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Area Rug Cleaning 101 - What You Need to Know

Area rug cleaning methods vary for different rugs and different homes. The best idea is to follow the instructions supplied by the manufacturer of your specific rug. If you cannot locate those directions or have general questions, there are a few simple guidelines.

Vacuuming is crucial to most rugs. It is important to vacuum in the direction of the pile (some rugs don't have a direction, but this is rare). Do not use high suction. Never vacuum fringe, and use an attachment for gentler vacuuming of older rugs or worn spots. Rugs should be vacuumed weekly in most homes, more often in higher traffic areas. Even if the rug is not used, it should be vacuumed for dust and to prevent moth infestation.

If something is spilled on your rug, blot the spill, rinse with cold water, then blot again. If the rug is wet through to the bottom, elevate the rug to allow it to thoroughly dry before use. Do not use home shampoo cleaners on fine area rugs, especially machines with abrasive brushes. Heavily soiled rugs should be professionally cleaned.

If you have an antique or damaged rug, it is sometimes possible to have the rug restored. There are many Oriental rug repair companies to be found online. They will list exactly the types of repair they do, and you can often email them to explain your specific circumstances. Moth eaten and very worn rugs can usually be expertly hand-restored, sometimes even with specially dyed materials to perfectly match your rug.

With proper care, most rugs can last for years, sometimes even generations. Specific questions can be posed to your rug manufacturer.

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