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Find an Area Cabin Rug for a Rustic, Outdoorsy Look

An area cabin rug is perfect to complete the look in a country home, hunting cabin, or fireplace room. These are usually country rugs or thick shag or skin rugs, and they, almost alone, can transform any room into the perfect rugged, cabin room.

Braided rugs are a lot different than you remember from your grandmothers house and work well in cabins. They are now made in a wide variety of colors and designs to be used as more than just doormats. Many are suitable for hearth rugs. You can find braided rugs that are flame-resistant and designed to sit in front of a fireplace. These rugs are meant to withstand tremendous heat and not be scalded. They are thicker than traditional braided rugs, and often include a backing so they will stay put.

Skin rugs are a common cabin design element. Whether it's a traditional bear skin rug or a leather shag rug, any skin or animal rug will add a rustic quality to any room. These rugs are soft, luxurious and beautiful. It is often possible to find less expensive faux materials that create the same design effects for less money.

Sheepskin and shag rugs are also a wonderful addition to country rooms. They are ultra soft to walk or sit on, and they warm up any room, both literally and figuratively. They help insulate rooms in cold climates, and they also create a very relaxed, homey feeling when you walk into the room.

Whether you are in a wooded, cabin environment, or just want to pretend that you are, these country rugs can help you create the perfect look. Providing a great atmosphere in front of any fireplace or couch, these rugs will create a rustic, comfortable element.

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