Area Art Folk Rug

Area Art Folk Rug Can Brighten Your Room with Primitive Appeal

If you are an avid collector and have filled your house to the gills with country appeal, look to the floor or walls for one more way to make an impact. You can use an area art folk rug to pull your folk look together. Area art folk rugs include braided rugs, hooked rugs, painted floorcloths, needlepoint rugs, crocheted or knitted rugs, and even toothbrush rugs.

What usually constitutes the "folk" label is a primitive design on the rug, an eclectic set of colors used, and an overall cottage feel to the piece.

Common motifs include:

  • house pets like dogs or cats
  • farm animals like pigs, cows, and roosters
  • other animals like horses and crows
  • flowers, both single flowers and bouquets
  • home sweet home designs

The designs are considered primitive because the designs are by people with little or no formal art schooling. You'll rarely see shading or perspective in the designs. You'll usually find odd color combinations in folk art area rugs because the people who made them used what scrap wool they could get their hands on. Many folk art area rugs will use combinations of cottage manufacturing including hooked centers and then cloth braiding surrounding the center design.

Use extra care with any older folk art area rugs. Keep them away from high traffic areas; consider using a rug hanger to keep them off the floor entirely. If buying an "antique" folk art area rug is outside your price range consider hooking one yourself or buying a modern machine made rug that is inspired by primitive art. You can find fun folk art area rug kits or if you're creative, come up with a design all of your own.

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